DMD vs DDS: Which is Better?

DMD vs DDS: What's the Difference?DMD vs DDS: Is there a difference? Actually the DMD degree and the DDS degree have the same curriculum and the same testing requirements. Raleigh Dentists with DMD after their name and those with DDS after their name can perform the exact same procedures. But it certainly makes one wonder when you see both designations when comparing dentists.

So the question is, “DMD vs DDS – Which is better?”

“Do I want a Raleigh dentist who is a DMD or a dentist who is a DDS?” These are all common questions, but the truth is there really is no difference or special privilege that one degree has over the other. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements, and all of the standards are set by the American Dental Association. The difference basically boils down to which designation an individual college or university wishes to use. DMD vs DDS is a choice the various dental schools are given as to which degree they would like to award their graduates.

History of the DMD vs DDS Degree

Digging a little further into the history of the DMD vs DDS designation, DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery and was established by the world’s first dental school in 1840 at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. This school has since merged with the University of Maryland. So for many years through the mid 1800’s, all dentists had the suffix “DDS” and it was pretty simple to understand the professi0nal designation for trained and licensed dentists.

However, in the late 1860’s Harvard University decided to create a dental school … the first at a major university. Of course desiring to be different, they created the DMD or Doctor of Dental Medicine. In 1900 only Harvard and the University of Oregon offered DMD degrees. Today it is a relatively even split. There are now approximately 58 dental schools in the U.S. with 24 awarding DMD’s and 34 awarding DDS’s.

Ultimately, when you’re looking for qualified Raleigh dentists specializing in the latest restorative and cosmetic procedures, you can rest assured Gover and Gover Dentistry is at the top of their field. The difference between a DMD vs DDS is actually of no consequence, but if you are curious both Dr. Susan Gover and Dr. David Gover have earned DMD degrees and both are more than qualified to assist you with your dental care.